Discount Heating Oil Delivery in Levittown, Pennsylvania

You can always rely on Rex Fuel Oil in Levittown, Pennsylvania, for everyday low prices on quality heating oil and for same-day heating oil delivery. When you cannot afford to be without it, call on us.

Same Day Heating Oil Delivery

A truck from our fleet of state-certified trucks picks up your heating oil directly from the terminal and delivers it straight to your home. Whether your tank is in your basement, underground, or aboveground, our driver will hook up the hose and refill it.
Simply contact us and give your address and phone number, along with your method of payment, and we can deliver your heating oil the same day. There are, unfortunately, occasions where we may have to deliver your oil the next day. Once your oil is at your home, you can choose to pay the driver or you can make a payment over the phone with a credit card.
 Tanker - home heating oil supplier in Levittown, PA
Call us today for more information about our delivery service and for today's price.
Price is subject to change. All prices are locked in for next-day deliveries only.